Case Study Skincare Program

This is a exciting program.  Giving Heavy treatment and product discounts to individuals that qualify that want to treat the following contions:  Acne, Melasma/Hyperpigmentation,Anti Aging & Roscacea.   This program the individual receive 50% of their facial &  20% off homecare treatment for 6 months.


If the individual is accepted into the program then they have to commit to the 6 month and be in compliance with the mohtly facial treatments and homecare.  We will be monitering the prograss through before and after photos & evaulation on a monthly basis.  There will be payment options through affirm.   

Types of Skin Conditions for this Program



Inflammatory bumps and pustules often on central face: nose, cheeks, and chin. Many doctors can mistake this pattern of bumps as general acne due to the fact that the bumps are often pus-filled (like whiteheads).



Although different types of hyperpigmentation can be caused by various factors such as acne scarring, medications or inflammation from other conditions, the main cause of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure. When we leave our skin untreated, harmful UV rays from the sun cause damage. 



There are varias stages of acne and often caused by hormones . Acne is often treatable by changin diet and homecare regiment. There are many natural healthy ways to treat Acne without the pharmeceutical chemical or Accutane

The common factors causing of premature aging is often caused by the following enviromental culprits; such as,  Sun Damage, Smoking, Alcohol and stress.

These are the many factors along with, Genetics that define how we age.  

Most of us think that aging is just a process and there is no way around it but there are many ways to trick the skin into making more collegen and to slow down the signs of aging on our skin that does not involve invasive cosmetic procedures.

     Aging Skin


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